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From the smallest residential, commercial and non-profit settings to the largest and most intricate of these, Cumberland Service Exterminators has you covered!

There are very few instances where a termite treatment, either for preventative purposes or to eradicate a current infestation, is not needed. In fact, any structure which contains wood or drywall materials, including cabinetry and other wood furniture, needs to be protected from termite infestation. 

Termites do BILLIONS of dollars in damage across the United States every year. Do YOU want to be in that statistic? Of course not! That's why you need Cumberland Service Exterminators today! We can protect your investment from incurring damage resulting from termite infestations in your home, office, or commercial building. 

We use the latest in technological advances such as Termidor HE, a product well known in the pest control industry, capable of eliminating termites and keeping them away for longer than ten years. Termidor HE is the least intrusive liquid termiticide on the current market.  With its label that allows 18" centers on concrete drilling to its shallow and narrow trenching and minimum-depth rodding, Termidor HE will do the job without causing less curb appeal or invading the interior of commercial and residential buildings. That's important to you and it's important to us as well!

We also offer Termite baiting services, which offer continued monitoring and elimination of termite colonies in or around your structure.  

Offering the best in service and using the best products on the market, and having been in the industry since 1978, why would you trust your investment to any one else? Contact us today for your FREE evaluation and PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT!

Termite workers in galleries
Termite Damage
Termite damage to door frame
Termidor HE, the best termiticide on the market!
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Termite swarmers
The difference between termite and ant swarmers
Termite Elimination
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